Size 60cm
Fuel Type Gas
Oven Type Gas Double Oven Cooker
No. Burners/Elements 4
Gas Hob
Front left (kW) Small (1.0)
Rear left (kW) Medium (2.0)
Rear right (kW) Medium (2.0)
Front right (kW) Large (3.0)
Wire Pan Supports - Gloss Enamel Yes
Push Button Ignition (Mains) Yes
Glass Lid with Auto Shut Off Yes
Glass Lid Yes
Top Cavity
Function Conventional oven and grill
Fuel Gas/Electric
Conventional Gas Oven Yes
Variable Rate Electric Grill Yes
Top Heat Only Yes
Base Heat Only Yes
Actual Capacity (litres) 39 Litre capacity (actual)
Usable Capacity (litres) 27 Litre capacity (usable)
Power (kW) Oven (1.8 kw) Grill (1.8 kw)
No. of Shelves 1 Shelf
No. of Shelf Positions 2 Positions
Main Cavity
Function Conventional Oven
Fuel Gas
Conventional Gas Oven Yes
Actual Capacity (litres) 69 Litre capacity (actual)
Usable Capacity (litres) 48 Litre capacity (usable)
Power (kW) 2.5 kw
No. of Shelves 2 Shelves
No. of Shelf Positions 5 Positions
Fascia Cooling System Yes
Adjustable Feet Yes
Accessories (included)
Grillpan/Trivet Yes
Gas Type Nat Gas
Gas Inlet Type 1/2" BSP Female
Gas Inlet Position Rear Right
Fuse Size (A) 13
Fitted 3 Pin Plug Yes
Dimensions Product/Packed (mm)
Height (mm) Product/Packed 900-915/1025
Width (mm) Product/Packed 600/715
Depth (mm) Product/Packed 600/715
Weight (kg) Product/Packed 56/60

Variable Grilling

Grilling temperature can be altered by selecting a high or low setting.

Made in Britain

We're one fo the only major kitchen appliance manufacturers still committed to manufacturing cookers and built in ovens in this country - something we're incredibly proud of. Look out for the Union flags throughout the website to denote which products are made here in the UK.

Oven Light

A light in the oven.

Gyroflo Conventional Gas Oven

A conventional oven works on the principle that heat rises. It is hotter at the top than at the bottom - ideal for cooking different dishes simultaneously.

Flame Safety Device

For added safety, this device is designed to detect if the flame goes out on your hob and will cut off the gas supply immediately.